Saturday, April 9, 2011

First attempt! *kinda :p*

For the past few days since the first face to face tutorial regarding my dissertation proposal, I have been thinking really hard on how to create a presentation slides that will present the strong features of both PowerPoint and Prezi. This is definitely a challenging tasks as I am not an expert in using both tools. 

I have been making a number of versions on how I want to go about 'teaching' a Science Year 2 topic on Using our sense organ. Everytime I face somedifficulty, I keep on thinking on doing the other option I had which is - computer parts. If it wasn't about getting a teacher to work with on this topic I will definitely ended up doing this instead. But, InsyaAllah I  can go through this... Amin~

So far, what I have come up with was a slide presentation on Prezi that will first show an image that require the student to descibe its features before showing them the 5 features that they will focus on this topic. I am thinking of making it look like an expanding mindmap which I think is one of its strongest feature that I want to highlight in order to make a clear contrast to what is limiting in PowerPoint where this has to be cut into many other slides.

At the moment, I am not sure how this will go but I'll try to make work! :)